Ask a Wine Expert (Sommelier)

What wine should I bring?

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Have you ever had this experience?  

You've been invited to dinner and you want to bring a bottle of wine but you don't know which wine to bring?  

You've gone to the liquor store and chose a bottle of wine because it had a really cool label but the wine inside wasn't nearly as cool?

You've gone to the register at a liquor store to ask for a wine recommendation only to realize there is a twenty-something behind the register and he doesn't know anything about wine.

Which wine should I serve?

Or, maybe you want to throw a dinner party and you want it to be something really special but you're just not sure which wine to serve.  

Ask a Sommelier

Now you don't have to wonder you can just ask a sommelier.  In just two simple steps, certified wine expert, Michaela Hightower will provide you with recommendations that are sure to please and delight. 

Step 1 - Fill out the form to the right and tell Michaela the kind of event for which you need wine or spirits.  Consider things like: if the wine is to be served with a meal list the main protein, how it is to be prepared (baked, broiled, grilled), spices and sauces featured and side dish possibilities.  

Or, if the wine is a gift, to the best of your knowledge, tell Michaela what other kinds of wines (or beverages - coffee, soda, teas) the recipient drinks.

Step 2 - Fill out your billing information and submit your request.  

Michaela will get back with you the next business day to ask any clarifying questions and make recommendations.